Hermes offers SafePlace photo service

European parcel carrier Hermes has started to roll out the SafePlace Photo service that has geo-fencing capabilities for end customers.

With the SafePlace scheme, delivery staff Will use their handheld terminals to take high-res photos of the parcels when left in a predetermined or safe location. They will also record the location coordinates. The retailers that sent the parcel Will also receive the images as soon as they are taken, and have the option to have the photos automatically uploaded to the customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Geo fencing is a system where location and a map of where each parcel has been delivered it Is recorded in a radius as little as 10m. Updates can be sent through a choice of channels that include SMS, app or website updates.

Chief executive Martijn de Lange said: “It’s so important to take every opportunity to increase transparency throughout the parcel journey to continue to enhance the customer experience, and SafePlace Photo plus geo-fencing will help us and our clients to achieve this.”