Hermes opens Leeds innovation lab

International delivery company Hermes has announced the launch of its innovation lab in Leeds, Yorkshire. The first projects this is set to work on are self tracking parcels, intelligent delivery using location based services as well as new tracking services.

Hermes has said that the main objective of the new lab is to “explore emerging technologies and to investigate how Hermes can integrate its technology with the market-leading smart devices currently being launched by technology giants such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, and powered by digital assistant such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana.”

The delivery company also plans to collaborate with key UK universities on other projects at the lab.

“We will think outside of the box to create the next jaw-dropping innovations across the delivery sector, from self-tracking parcels to 3D printing and autonomous delivery,” said David Turner, who will take up the role of head of digital strategy & technology innovation at the Hermes lab. “We look forward to delivering a portfolio of advanced solutions that will benefit both our retail clients and the millions of online shoppers across the UK.”

Hermes is also looking to open an innovation centre within a new £31 million azutomated parcel distribution hub that is being built in Rugby and is due to open early next year.

Carole Woodhead, CEO of Hermes, said: “It is absolutely critical that both retailers and their delivery partners prioritise innovation to continually improve customer experience. The creation of the Innovation Lab illustrates our unwavering desire to bring premium features to a standard service, while further cementing our position as the market leader.”

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