Hermes Play allows senders to send videos to recipients

UK delivery business Hermes has launched Hermes Play where senders can record and attach personal videos to their parcels via an app.

The Hermes Play app was launched on Valentines Day and more than 100 messages were sent in the first few days. These included love messages, birthday wishes and B2C messages from small businesses.

The sender records a personal message and uploads it via the Hermes Send app. The app creates a 2D barcode that is added to the parcel label, and the recipient scans the barcode and watches the message. Anyone with the Hermes app and has been given the barcode can watch the video.

Retail clients are being targeted with the Hermes Play app, who can further personalise their service with videos that could include promotions or instructions for using the products.

Chris Ashworth, chief information officer at Hermes UK, said, “Hermes Play is a unique, fantastic service that can be used by consumers to send messages to family and friends or by businesses for a more commercially focused approach. It’s designed to create a personal connection and make the experience of sending and receiving a parcel just that little bit more special.”