Hermes to grow large item delivery business

European delivery company Hermes has announced plans to extend its capacity for larger items in excess of 18kg. This is due to demand from its UK customers. To meet this demand the firm is hiring independent van operators to work with the company as ‘service partners’.

Though Hermes has recently been very successful handing smaller items (now, more than 1 million a day) it has had an interest in delivering larger items for the last 40 years. The large items have been delivered using a separate van delivery network using independent contractors. Perhaps spotting a gap in the market, Hermes has announced plans to grow the volume of large item delivery by 20% year to year. This is supported by infrastructure and the new Digital Futures+ programme.

Carl Lyon, Operations Director Delivery Experience at Hermes UK, said: “We are looking to increase our range of services for larger items across the UK, providing more frequent deliveries and collections. Getting the right service partners on board is key for us as they must be committed to delivering an exceptional service, whilst ensuring that we continue to meet the ULEZ emissions standards as they are rolled out across the UK’s major cities.”


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