Hermes to restructure to innovate

UK national delivery company Hermes has announced it is going to begin a ‘major transformation programme’ that is designed to ‘accelerate innovation throughout the business’.

In a statement Hermes said that Carole Woodhead, CEO at Hermes UK, will lead the transformation programme.

Martijn de Lange has been promoted to Managing Director from his previous role of COO, and will be responsible for the day to day running of the business, reporting to Woodhead.

“Customers want faster delivery speeds, customer selectable time slots, same day and multi-channel delivery, seven-days a week,” said Woodhead. “They want absolute transparency of the delivery process, to know where their parcel is in real time and to change their mind about their delivery while it’s in flight. It is essential that we continue to respond to these trends and develop our operating model accordingly. I want us to be the ones setting the bar high for our customers and retailers, and to be leading the way in our industry.”

Innovation has been very much a key theme with Hermes recently. In November, the company announced the launch of its new Leeds-based “Innovation Lab”, which aims “to create a range of forward-thinking services and build prototypes of products that will change the delivery landscape”.

As margins get tighter and ever bigger players fight ever harder for the same business innovation is one of the key drivers to both ensure good and repeat custom and also to help achieve those thinner margins through targeted efficiencies. We will see changes in the industry in the coming year as all the key players innovate.  
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