Hermes UK CEO apologises for delivery delays in Scotland

Hermes UK CEO Martijn de Lange has apologised to Scotland’s residents after a number of major delays in deliveries in the country. He apologised after Moray MSP Richard Lochhead asked the company to tackle the issue thanks to a large number of complains.

Lochhead said of the issue, “In recent days I’ve been contacted by a number of constituents who are still waiting for deliveries they were expecting around Christmas time and are struggling to find out what’s happening with their parcels.

“Understandably, this is causing a great deal of frustration for consumers and that frustration is exacerbated by the difficulties folk are having when they try to make contact with Hermes.”

De Lange has said that the delays at Hermes UK were down to pandemic safety measures, including a lot of drivers being in isolation, combined with the peak season surge in demand. He said, “Firstly, let me apologise for the delays and problems your constituents have been experiencing.

“A combination of large parcel volumes due to Christmas, coupled with higher than normal depot, courier and driver absences due to Covid-19 isolation rules in Scotland had a huge impact on our operations there through December and into the new year.

“These issues sometimes meant that our tracking information and the information we make available to consumers was unclear or wrong.

“For example, parcels which arrived with us but which were not processed due to staff shortages did not display the correct information.

“So consumers knew we had their parcel, but did not know whether it was in a depot or out for delivery.
The Hermes UK CEO continued, “We are very aware at the importance of parcel delivery in rural communities and the fact this has become even more vital during the pandemic.

“My operations and customer service colleagues are working hard to clear the backlog of parcels in Scotland and ensure we are fully staffed across all our sites.”

In response, Lochhead said, “I welcome the quick response from Hermes regarding parcel delivery delays here in Moray.

“It is helpful to understand the root of the problem and Hermes have offered assurances to people in Moray affected that teams are working hard to clear the backlog.

“However, I’ve sought further clarity from Hermes about timescales for returning to normal service, given that some people have been waiting around four weeks for parcels to be delivered.

“I’ve also urged the company to look at how they can better communicate with customers affected – people will understand that the pandemic has impacted services but they do need to know what is happening with their orders.”

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