Hermes UK improves nationwide sorting efficiency

Through automation and driving efficiencies into processes, Hermes UK has improved its Warrington and Rugby hubs’ capacity to over 2.15 million parcels a day. 

Chris Barrett, Head of Engineering and Facilities at Hermes UK said, “This has involved working closely with Beumer, optimising the settings of the machines and also developing a new sortation algorithm. This has yielded significant improvements in our Hub Capacity and during peak we saw individual sorters do over 20,000 parcels per hour – up from around 18,500.”

At its Nuneaton and Winwick sites Hermes UK has installed Beumer Tilt Tray Sorters this year. Barrett explains how these work: “The small item sorter works by having parcels delivered to workstations via automated chutes that ensure an even distribution of parcels to the 20 operator stations and the operators then place parcels directly onto the small item sorter. The latest Sick camera technology then scans the barcode and the parcel is then diverted into the correct destination. The 18,000 parcels per hour can be operated by as little as 20 operators, which if done manually would require at least double the resourcing.”

Looking to the immediate future, Hermes UK will open a new hub in Barnsley. At 339,827 square feet it will have a parcel processing capacity of more than two million units a day – effectively doubling its throughout as of today at the Rugby and Warrington hubs.

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