Hermes UK launches mental wellbeing programme

In the face of pressures associated with the surge in demand for deliveries and the pandemic, Hermes UK has instituted a mental wellness programme for its staff.

Seventy-two Hermes UK ‘mental health ambassadors’ are being trained with the tools, skills and confidence to listen and talk with people who need support, as well as recognising behaviours that can positively and negatively affect well-being in the workplace.

The wellness programme is designed to raise awareness and address the stigma of poor mental health and to get those who are struggling support and guidance. Another element of the programme is an online wellbeing hub that has been set up as a social space for staff to find advice and support and to share their own stories.

Jill Maples, HR director at Hermes UK, commented on the program, “Our vision is to create a great place to work – an environment where our people can grow, develop and reach their potential. As part of this commitment, we will focus on ensuring that everyone feels supported in looking after their own mental health as well as those around them. This is ever more important as we all continue to feel the impact of Covid-19 on almost every aspect of our lives.”