Hermes UK – new Barnsley site will create 1,400 new jobs

Hermes UK is looking for 1,400 full time staff to operate its new distribution hub in Barnsley, which is set for completion in September 2022.

Roles being recruited for include a general manager, operations managers, engineers, health and safety officers, planning managers, transport managers, warehouse operatives and administrators. At busy periods, a further 300 temporary staff will be taken on.

The new, 320,000 square foot hub will be Hermes UK’s largest, and will have the capacity to process up to 1.3 million parcels a day. When fully operational it will boost the carrier’s capacity nationally by around 25% to 4.4 million parcels daily.

As part of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Hermes UK has stated that more than half of the HGVs operating out of the site will be fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG), that has 80% less CO2e emissions than diesel. There is also to be a solar array on the roof of the site to reduce demands on the grid and across the 55 acre site, hedgerows, trees and a biodiversity area are to be planted.

Carl Lyon, chief operating officer at Hermes, said: “With one year to go until we open our newest and largest hub at Barnsley, we’re pleased to be able to confirm that we will be creating over 1,400 full-time roles at all levels and continuing to take our environmental and community responsibilities seriously alongside other tenants on the site. This is a huge investment and priority for us as we respond to the ever-increasing demand for online shopping and strive to provide a service that doesn’t cost the earth.”

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