Hermes UK supports Etsy sellers with data upload

Hermes UK is introducing an API that will integrate its services with the global online marketplace Etsy, which will give Etsy sellers greater choice, convenience, accuracy and cheaper prices for customer deliveries.

From the end of the month, Etsy sellers will no longer have to manually enter data to create individual parcel labels with Hermes UK but can instead download customer data and upload directly in bulk to save time and improve address data accuracy. Hermes UK also offers this to Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers.

Claire Phelan, Head of E-commerce Partnerships at Hermes UK, said: “There has been significant growth within the small business sector over the past few years and this has continued through the pandemic as many people looked to generate income after being furloughed or losing their jobs. We are making it easier for these small businesses to access the Hermes services whilst helping them to save time and money.”