Hermes UK to open Aston seasonal delivery unit

As part of its plans to manage a record breaking peak delivery period, Hermes UK has created a pop-up distribution unit at Meteor Park, Aston in the West Midlands. At the soon to be opened 112,000 square foot site, 135 seasonal workers will handle parcels for final mile delivery.

The Meteor Park unit will be able to handle more than 120,000 parcels a day and can operate 24/7 as required. It is part of Hermes UK’s plans to make extra capacity available over and above the boom in e-commerce deliveries that has barely slowed down after lockdown restrictions were eased.

Michael Duffy, depot manager, said: “It has been an unprecedented year for the parcel delivery industry and with the festive season fast approaching it’s fantastic to be opening a new depot for Hermes. This pop-up depot will allow us to provide much needed job opportunities within Birmingham during these uncertain times.”

All parcel carriers with B2C operations in the UK are expecting record parcel volumes to pass through their networks this year. The Hermes UK unit is one of dozens being set up across the country by nearly every major carrier.

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