Hermes UK unveils sustainability and ethics programme

Parcel carrier Hermes UK has announced an ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) programme. Overseen by a recent hire, Nancy Hobhouse, the ESG programme aims to reduce the firm’s impact on the environment.

Hermes is not the only delivery company to claim it has the lowest carbon emissions of any delivery company, but Hobhouse moving to the firm from John Lewis (where she was Senior Sustainability Manager) will help steer the firm to lower carbon intensity. In signing the Climate Pledge it has declared the intention of becoming net-zero carbon by 2040.

As part of the programme, Hermes UK has just completed three steps of its carbon assessment and has just added to its fleet of bio-compressed natural gas (CNG) powered HGVs, which now total 160. In addition, 30% of the carrier’s fleet serving its Parcel Shops and lockers are now EVs. It uses 100% certified renewable energy and is to be the first UK carrier to trial an electric HGV.

Hobhouse said, “We will continue to reduce carbon emissions across our operations by focusing on our vehicles, infrastructure, and innovative products and services. We are firmly on the road to net zero and proud we are the lowest carbon per parcel of any dedicated parcel company. However, we know that there’s more to do, and we will continue to innovate and drive this agenda forward.”

Fash Sawyerr, Chief Transformation Officer, Hermes added, “As a responsible carrier, we recognise our impact on the environment and we are pushing sustainability and ethics to the forefront of our operating model. We are committed to delivering a better future for the planet including our people, our customers and retail partners, and wider communities.”

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