Hermes UK using what3words

Delivery company Hermes UK is now offering customers the opportunity to have their parcels delivered to a specific what3words square. What3words has mapped the world into 57 trillion 3m X 3m squares, denoting each square by three words.

According to Hermes UK this system offers a simple and robust means for its couriers to deliver parcels directly to customers’ doorsteps or chosen delivery point. Hermes UK says that street addresses can be inaccurate, and map pins can drop in the centre of a building, leaving its delivery staff struggling to work out what exact door to access the address. In addition, postcodes can cover a significant area.

What3words say that they have seen an 833% increase in adoption of its technology on checkout pages of retailers in the UK.

Now, using the Hermes app, customers can add a what3words address to their profile, adding to the traditional address information, making the final mile delivery more accurate and efficient.

Chris Ashworth, CIO at Hermes UK, said, “We’re really excited to team up with what3words and become the first delivery company in the UK to provide what3words addresses for any parcel. This marks the latest development in our innovation portfolio that we had been planning for some time, however because of the pandemic, when we have experienced five years’ growth in five months due to online shopping behaviours changing, we have expedited the use of this tech to further enhance our contact-free deliveries option, at a time when both our clients and their customers need efficient, safe deliveries.”