Hermes UK’s first driver apprentices graduate

Five of Hermes UK’s new LGV driver apprentices have graduated from its new apprenticeship programme that began last year. Five more are to graduate from the programme later this year, which was run in partnership with skills specialist Seetec Outsource.

The 10 new graduates will be new recruits for the company which is undergoing the pain of the national driver shortage. Logistics UK reported in 2019 that 15% of driver vacancies nationwide are expected to remain unfilled. There are also issues with a large number of LGV drivers coming up to retirement age and a smaller recruiting pool due to Brexit. Hermes has been proactive in recruiting from the unskilled labour pool and fully training them.

Jenny Haynes, Learning and Development Business Partner at Hermes, explained: “Working in partnership with Seetec Outsource, we were able to fund vital training for young people coming into the logistics industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how important it is to create a talent pipeline to enable our industry to flourish and help the economic recovery.” 

Nikki Bardsley, Director of Apprenticeship Operations from Seetec Outsource, added: “Helping young people to learn new skills through an apprenticeship is often a life changing experience. It allows young people to achieve their full potential and pursue a rewarding career. Investment in skills is crucial as the country responds to the social and economic challenges presented by the pandemic. Hermes is a forward-thinking company committed to empowering people to achieve. This type of apprenticeship programme could be adopted by more companies to help source new talent and support the wider national mission to tackle unemployment post-lockdown.”