Hikrobot launches autonomous warehouse robots in UK

A new range of warehouse autonomous robots has been launched by Hikrobot and its UK systems partner integrator Invar Systems.

The Hikrobot systems bring goods to human pickers using automated transport to minimise the time the pickers would otherwise be looking for the items. Carrying up to 1000kg safely the robots can carry pick walls, roll cages or other containers.

They use inertial and visual navigation to achieve accurate positioning for loads. For routing they use QR codes to locate the cages or racks, minimising installation, set up and operation costs of the system.

The interactive picking station uses on-screen instructions and pick-to-light technology to guide pickers to achieve pick rates in excess of 600 picks per hour with 100% accuracy. The battery charging stations can be strategically managed to ensure robots are charged when needed.

Frazer Watson, head of sales, Europe, at Invar Systems, said: “fast fulfilment demands agile and efficient picking processes.

“[The] mobile-robot solution from Hikrobot offers all the speed and flexibility that e-commerce businesses, and other sectors, have been looking for when faced with the dual challenges of responding to growing order volumes, with dwindling labour resources.”