Hitrans to use e-cargo-bikes for rural deliveries

Transport partnership Hitrans is looking for 12 e-cargo-bikes to use for deliveries in Orkney, Inverness and Oban.

Hitrans e-cargo-bikes will be used by local businesses and organisations to deliver goods such as mail, food and prescriptions to customers in rural and urban locations with the specific objective of reducing carbon emissions around those towns.

The finance for the project comes from the European North Sea Region programme MOVE and the UK Energy Saving Trust.

Hitrans’ projects and policy officer Jayne Golding said: “By providing e-cargo bikes to local businesses and community groups, Hitrans hopes to assist with meeting carbon emission reduction targets and analyse different use cases of e-cargo bikes in both rural and urban settings.

“Once bike supplies have been secured, Hitrans will reach out to local businesses, councils and groups to establish different uses for the bikes over a 6-12 month pilot period.

“Many businesses are increasingly keen to minimise their carbon emissions, and equally consumers are keen to support businesses that are local, smaller scale and conduct positive business practices.

“Also, in the current climate of Covid-19, an increasing number of businesses are offering delivery services.

“Our aim is to offer e-cargo bikes to businesses as a sustainable, physically distanced and economically productive alternative, and in so doing support members of the community by improving accessibility and availability of goods.”