Hot food delivery companies offer support to COVID-19 crisis

The UK government is in talks with hot food delivery companies to include Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and JustEat to to provide food and support to elderly and vulnerable people in isolation due to COVID-19.

According to national news reports, JustEat has been talking to the government about a range of measures it could support, that include delivering care and food packages to those most affected.

Meanwhile Deliveroo has been talking to Downing Street and a number of government departments after it attended a Number 10 ‘tech summit’ last week. Uber has also been in talks separately.

As reported yesterday, in addition to hot food delivery companies offering their services, the Royal Mail CWU has requested from management that the mail operator offers up its network and manpower for similar services.

As ever the situation remains fluid and with the economy going into meltdown in some areas and being put under extreme strain in others, there are a lot of decisions to be made in government to both fire fight and prepare for the next crisis level.