Hurricane Harvey help from UPS and FedEx

US courier and express delivery companies including UPS and FedEx have pledged their support to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts on the US Gulf Coast. The support will come in the form of cash and direct action using their resources.

FedEx and UPS have released statements that said that FedEx has committed $1 million in cash and ground support to deliver critical medical aid in the wake of the storm. UPS has matched that for the cities and states in the path of the storm.

“In this time of enormous need,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer, “it is critical to establish and support extensive networks of public-private partnerships to get aid to those who need it, as quickly as possible

“At the same time, setting aside funding and other resources for long-term recovery efforts is also important, and we are laying that groundwork as well.”

David J. Bronczek, president and chief operating officer of FedEx Corp, said: “FedEx will continue to work closely with humanitarian and disaster relief organizations to provide support and deliver supplies to assist those hardest hit by the storm.”

While the emergency operations, it goes without saying that normal operations have been put out of kilter due to the flooding and disruption as more than one metre of rain has fallen on parts of the US Gulf Coast.
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