Ian Gardner to be CEO of GoFor

Ian Gardner is to be CEO of GoFor, a major North American last mile delivery and logistics marketplace. Current CEO and founder Brad Rollo is to step aside thanks to his battle with cancer, though is to be Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Chairman on the Board of Directors.

“Founding and growing GoFor has been an absolute honour, privilege and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; however, given the circumstances, I need to focus on my health to ensure the best possible outcome,” said Brad Rollo, outgoing CEO and Founder. “I started this company on the back of a napkin in late 2015 with a vision to create a better delivery alternative for big and bulky products in the construction industry, a mission we have definitely accomplished.”

GoFor has moved from construction into retail, e-commerce and fulfilment and now operates out of 86 locations. It is set to double its operating reach across North America this year. Over the last three years revenue has grown by 5319% and employee headcount has grown by 150% in the last year.

Rollo continued, “I am very excited about the future of our business under Ian’s leadership and congratulate him on the appointment as CEO of this amazing company. Ian brings a wealth of expertise which will be incredibly valuable as we continue to execute on GoFor’s strategic growth initiatives. I will be working closely with Ian and I am confident that GoFor will benefit from his insights, judgment and direction.”

In his most recent role, Gardner was CEO of Royale EV, which agreed a partnership with Royale EV in which he joined the logistics marketplace. Previously he was President of Chanje Energy, a medium duty all-electric truck manufacturer.

“I am honoured to lead GoFor Industries, and on behalf of the entire executive team and board, I want to thank Brad for building this leading delivery and logistics marketplace. I look forward to evolving his vision and the success that the company has achieved under Brad’s leadership,” said Ian Gardner. “It is an exciting time for the company as we embark on important efforts to unlock GoFor’s full potential, scaling the business and diversifying our vertical mix and targeting new revenue streams. I am delighted that Brad will remain part of GoFor and I look forward to working with him and continuing to shape the next evolution of the company’s strategy and expansion going forward into the Americas and international markets.”

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