iBoxen lights a fire under Swedish parcel locker sector

A new parcel locker company called iBoxen aims to install 50,000 carrier-agnostic parcel lockers in Sweden. Backed by two major property investment companies, Fastighets AB Balder and SBB Norden AB, the parcel locker company aims to have a complete network across Sweden by the end of 2026. This is set to disrupt the Swedish last mile delivery industry.

“An open and independent national infrastructure is a natural development step in supporting  e-commerce growth alongside protecting our  environment. We will make this happen,” says Tim Jörnsen, CEO and co-founder of iBoxen.

iBoxen’s parcel lockers will be open to all delivery companies, 24/7/365.

Jörnsen continued: “Within five years, our goal is to have established the national infrastructure of  delivery boxes from the north to the south. In cities, no one should have more than 300 metres from their residence to the nearest box. In sparsely populated areas, the boxes are placed in strategically chosen locations to significantly shorten the distance required to pick up and to return packages understanding that plus 80% of volume in Sweden is collected at service points. Driving convenience for small business owners and individuals. The boxes will be available 24/7/365 and offer a service  on par with home delivery.  iBoxen’s new infrastructure will facilitate the rapid growth in e-commerce, which increased at staggering numbers during  2020 as a result of the Corona pandemic.”

PostNord’s SwipBox parcel locker network is the only current national parcel locker network and doesn’t have the same penetration as iBoxen intends to achieve. Once more, it only offers its services to those sending or receiving parcels through the PostNord network, so faces a major challenge in the startup network.