Iceland to roll out same-day delivery

UK cut price grocery chain Iceland is to offer same-day scheduled delivery from 400 stores across the country within the next few weeks.

Iceland has seen home deliveries grow by 300% during the pandemic to nearly 50,000 orders a day. The bulk of these are picked and shipped from its physical stores, with the grocery chain only having two ‘dark store’ customer fulfilment centres (CFCs) in the UK.

Same-day delivery has been trialled from the dark stores and was a success. There are plans to offer this from all 1,000 stores in due course.

“We’re finding that our CFCs offer more flexibility when trialling new services to customers, such as same-day delivery,” said Iceland chief customer & digital officer David Devany. “This allows us to optimise the operations and customer proposition before rolling it out into our main store estate.”

Devany added: “We’re in the midst of a trial that is starting to be rolled out on a more national scale, being introduced in the next few weeks to almost 400 stores.

“We’re confident that we now have a good formula that works for our customers, and their feedback so far has been great. Throughout this year we’ll be rolling this out to the majority of our stores and we’ll continue to make the proposition even better. We’re really excited about it.”

The grocery chain plans to keep its offer of free delivery, going against the trend of charging for deliveries by its competitors. Iceland say that this is because its customers are price sensitive and would be impacted by a charge. It is the only major grocery chain not to charge for deliveries at present.