If BMW made e-cargo-bikes?

BMW has unveiled a concept e-cargo-bike that it claims deals with many of the issues and limitations faced by e-cargo-bike designs today.

Though BMW has no plans to manufacture the machines itself (licensing is being discussed) the ‘Clever Commute’ e-cargo-bike design deals with the length and width increases common to e-cargo-bikes on the road today.

The machine has two rear wheels connected to the main frame with a pivot axle, with the frame tilting in corners. With the pedelec drive system the automotive manufacturer claims that the machine is as easy to ride, with a familiar feel, as analogue bicycles.

“Our goal was to develop a concept that retains the agility and driving feel of a normal bicycle while adding innovative, safe transport options,” said Jochen Karg, head of vehicle concepts in the BMW Group’s New Technologies and China division. “The Concept Dynamic Cargo is the first dynamic ‘pick-up’ cargo bike that combines driving pleasure with flexible use and increased year-round suitability.”

A variety of fittings are available for cargo, but somewhat surprisingly – and a major drawback on current e-cargo-bike designs – is that the range is just 19km per charge, far less than the machines on the road today.

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