IGD – strong growth in online grocery shopping

The food industry charity the IGD believes that online grocery sales are set to increase by 54% to £16 billion between now and 2022.

Currently the online grocery sector is relatively tiny, only accounting for £10.4bn of the £184.5bn spent annually on groceries. Supermarkets and hypermarkets should retain the biggest share of the market, but the IGD says that shoppers re turning more and more toward online shopping, with two out of five currently shopping online as part of their monthly grocery shopping. In the next 2-3 years this will become three out of five.

The research by the IGD found that 28% of online shoppers now claim to shop once a week or more online, as against 20% in 2013.

The IGD released a statement that said, “Online delivery saver passes are helping to lock in shopper loyalty and increase frequency of shops, with 29 per cent of online shoppers claiming to be subscribed to this type of scheme.”

Vanessa Henry, the IGD’s shopper insight manager, said: “What we call ‘omnichannel shoppers’ are having a big impact on the grocery market, with over half (54 per cent) of shoppers claiming that they use five or more different channels every month, as well as buying from 12 different store brands on average. Retailers should therefore consider how they are driving loyalty so that they become the brand of choice, for example with online delivery saver passes or special promotions.”
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