IMRG – online sales see double digit growth

Online shopping sales grew by 11% year on year to March according to research by IMRG Capgemini. In the first quarter of the year, sales have been up by 15% by comparison to Q1 2015.

Purchases made by tablet increased by 6% but those made from smartphones rocketed by 101% in the same period. Average basket values have risen to £81 in this period, up from £77 in Q1 2015. Growth was apparently driven with increased confidence on the part of UK shoppers of shopping using their phones.

Tina Spooner, chief information officer, IMRG said: “Sales via smartphones continue to surge ahead, growing at 9x the rate of sales completed on tablet devices during the first quarter of the year. There is no doubt that larger screen sizes have enhanced the user experience on smartphones over recent years which is a key factor in the shift towards shopping on these devices.

“Smartphone is the fastest growing channel in the UK online retail market – conversion rates were 50% higher in Q1 than the same period last year and average online transaction values reached a record high of £85 during March. Not surprisingly, many retailers are placing a significant focus on their mobile strategy as consumers shift towards handheld devices when purchasing online.”

Accessories saw year on year sales grow by 58%, the highest growth since May 2015. Home and garden sales saw a 26% increase in growth, the fastest since February 2014. In this sector, average sales hit £93. Home sales grew by 33% though garden sales fell by 12%.

Richard Tremellen, retail insight and data specialist at Capgemini, said: “Double digit growth for online sales in the first quarter is a hugely positive sign for the sector, and one which is further strengthened by an increase in the average amount spent online during the period. There appears to be a sizeable shift in consumers’ shift in online shopping.”