Informatica survey shows worries as to use of personal data

Software provider Informatica has commissioned a survey into data protection among 2000 UK online consumers and found that 72% of them were concerned about the level of protection given to the personal information they share with brands and organisations online.

The State of the Data Nation research also found that:

– more than half (56%) of those who are concerned about the use of the personal data they have shared online with brands and organisations are reclaiming access to it and plan to share less information with brands or organisations over the next three years.

– over a third (38%) of respondents claim that nothing could incentivise them to share personal information with brands or organisations online.

Greg Hanson, vice president business operations EMEA, Informatica, said of the findings: “It’s clear from this survey that there is a worrying disconnect between UK businesses and consumers when it comes to how their personal data is stored, shared and secured.

“Brands and organisations need to address this as a matter of priority. That means putting strong data governance practices at the heart of their customers’ digital experience in order to win back their confidence. Data security is a crucial differentiator for organisations looking to redress the balance and offer maximum protection for personal information in the event of a breach.”

Personal data has become a currency among social media companies and it often amuses and shocks people when some data they gave one organisation, such as the make and model of car they drive to Facebook, is used by another company such as Amazon in their marketing to them. Where such data flow becomes apparent, then people do question how their data is used and by whom. Where personal data is used in this way, it damages public confidence in those they entrust such data to.