InPost installs 2000th UK parcel locker

Parcel locker technology company InPost have announced it has deployed its 2,000th parcel locker in the UK.

One of the drivers to its business has been the pandemic, as more people have chosen contactless delivery. Over the last six months, InPost has almost doubled its numbers of parcel lockers by adding 900 of them this year alone. More parcel lockers are set to be installed in London, Manchester and Birmingham – and will then have more parcel locker sites than there are Post Offices.

InPost parcel lockers can be used to send and receive parcels as well as offering returns services, and can be accessed 24/7. The lockers are at a range of convenient locations including train stations, supermarkets and fuel stations, where there is high footfall of regular customers.

The parcel locker company aims to have 10,000 units in operation by 2024, making it one of the largest such networks in the UK.

“We are incredibly proud to have installed our 2,000th locker in the UK on the back of an explosion in demand by UK consumers, who want the convenience of 24/7, self-service collection or returns of goods via lockers. Shoppers are fed up of waiting in all day for a delivery or queuing up to return an item. Given the strong UK network and landlord relationships InPost has developed, we feel we are in a prime place to take advantage of this.” – Jason Tavaria, CEO, InPost UK