InPost installs air quality sensors in parcel locker machines

European parcel locker giant InPost has installed its 15,000th automated parcel locker machine in Poland. A number of these will be installed with sensors to monitor air quality across the country via the InPost app.

The first air quality sensors were installed this week as part of the InPost Green City programme. The locations were chosen following input from local residents of a number of cities and the cities’ councils.

“It’s no surprise that 77% of online shoppers are now choosing our Parcel Lockers,” said InPost Founder and CEO Rafał Brzoska. “We want all of our users, whether they’re residents of big cities, small towns or villages like Czarna Górna, to have one of our APMs nearby. In addition to offering the most environmentally-friendly delivery service, we’re committed to providing consumers with real-time information about air quality in the cities where they live.”

InPost is pushing its sustainable credentials, and plans to roll out new parcel locker machines that are powered with solar energy. The firm has published research showing that delivery to lockers can reduce CO2 emissions per parcel by 75% compared to home delivery. It claims to have saved 180,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions with its parcel lockers across Europe and the UK.

“As the network of sensors becomes denser, we will be able to make increasingly accurate air quality measurements meaning we can monitor changes in real time,” Brzoska said. “The sensors mainly measure PM10 and PM2.5 particles, however some will also measure nitrogen dioxide and ozone concentrations. Following the installation of these sensors, consumers using the InPost Mobile App will have the ability to monitor temperature, air pressure and humidity.”