InPost: Millennials led lockdown online shopping boom

A major consumer survey commissioned by parcel locker giant InPost has showed that Millennials have become ‘super-buyers’ during lockdown and are receiving an average of 50% more parcels a week than over-55 Baby Boomers.

The 2,000 consumers surveyed by InPost showed that despite Millennials traditionally having a preference for sustainability and greener living, on average they received seven deliveries a week during lockdown. People over 55 averaged only three online deliveries a week.

The InPost research showed that the environment was of lesser importance during lockdown, thanks in part due to the convenience of online shopping and impulse buys. However 43% of Millennials are more likely to consider the environmental consequences of their deliveries in future as against just 28% of their over-55 year old counterparts. This included thinking more about the impact of more traffic on the roads, packaging and recycling consequences in buying online.

Jason Tavaria, CEO of InPost UK, commented: “Millennials have grown up in a world where everything is available at the touch of a button, and online shopping in this age group continues to increase. But this disparity in the correlation between their online shopping habits and understanding of consequence on the environment is a surprise. However, much thought has been given to the environment in recent weeks and we’re encouraged by such a large proportion (43%) who plan to make more eco-conscious delivery decisions in the future. We believe in the long term much more consumers will consider the environment more when choosing delivery options.

Using parcel lockers a courier can drop 50 or more parcels in one stop as opposed to taking the same parcels to 50+ homes and businesses. This reduces the time vans spend on the roads and reduces their CO2 emissions by up to 2/3rds.

Tavaria continued: “As an industry we need to do more to educate consumers on the reality of their online shopping habits and the impact on air pollution. Parcel lockers can have a significant impact on carbon emissions and are ideal for savvy online shoppers looking for both an environmentally-friendly and convenient delivery option when buying online.”