InPost parcel locker smash and grab in Manchester

An InPost operated parcel locker unit has been attacked and emptied in north Manchester, UK.

In what appears to be the first such attack in the UK, thieves broke in to the parcel locker in Blackley, Manchester, on the 11th of January. It is not known what has been stolen or the value of the goods the thieves made off with.

A witness, Uliana Musykevych, was walking down the road when she saw the parcel locker with all the doors open just before 09:00 on Tuesday the 11th. She inspected the parcel locker machine and saw signs of damage on the doors before calling the police.

She told a local media outlet, ”It looked like somebody used a crowbar or something hard to break into the locker and open the doors.

“I think someone has taken all the parcels inside because all the doors were open.

“Even the electricity box was open. There were scratches on the doors.”

Despite the break-in, the parcel machine display was working as normal.

A spokesperson for InPost said: “We are aware of a recent incident involving the theft of a very small number of items at one of our InPost parcel lockers on Charlestown Road, Blackley.

“Our retail partners affected by this incident have been contacted.

“We take the security of the goods in our care very seriously and have reported this incident to Greater Manchester Police to take forward and investigate.”

So-called ‘porch piracy’ where opportunist thieves remove parcels left by couriers from doorsteps has become a reasonably common problem. As far as we can tell, the attack on the InPost parcel locker machine is one of the first to occur in the UK. Such machines are built to resist attacks, and it is not known how the thieves approached this attack that was clearly planned in advance.

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