InPost rolls out lockers at UK Lidl stores

In order to maximise the benefits of customers’ shopping trips during lockdown, InPost has now installed parcel lockers at 24 Lidl stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

The InPost lockers can be used for sending and receiving parcels, allowing customers to add another purpose to their weekly shop in a process known as ‘trip-chaining’.

One of the advantages of trip-chaining is evident during lockdown conditions as customers can minimise their trips away from their homes. Being contactless, adding to social distancing there is an added level of perceived safety in the process.

Trip chaining also minimises vehicle movements and contributes to reducing carbon emissions by up to three times that of home deliveries.

During pilots, 74% of customers rated the experience ‘very good’. The trips also benefitted Lidl with 44% of customers making a purchase while making the trip, confirming the trip-chaining thesis. 85% of those polled also said that the InPost locker was the main reason to visit the Lidl stores.

In addition to the partnership with Lidl, InPost UK has already partnered with carriers such as Hermes, DHL Express and DX and retailers such as Boohoo, JD Group and Holland and Barrett.

Jason Tavaria, CEO of InPost, said: “With current lockdown guidance limiting how and when people can leave the house, it is vital that they are able to maximise each trip and not make unnecessary additional journeys.

“Installing delivery lockers at one of the UK’s best-loved supermarkets allows them to do this and also provides a useful,contact-free outbound resource at a time when many Post Offices are closed.

“The positive feedback we’ve already had from customers shows they’re open to change, with trip-chaining becoming more common and demonstrating the demand for greater integration between how people work, shop and play.”