International Shopping Survey shows the direction of e-commerce to come

The International Shopping Survey commissioned by Hermes among 3000 shoppers in the UK (2000 surveyed) and Germany (1000 surveyed) points to the direction of online shopping in the years to come. Where the e-commerce market is at saturation point, the industry must now focus on driving existing customers to shop online more frequently.

In the UK the number of regular online shoppers who have shopped online more than three times in the last three months has increased from 26% to 36% (18.7 million shoppers) over the last two years. The numbers of heavy online shoppers have increased from 11% to 16% in the same period. As such, the market is growing in two ways – more shoppers buying online, and each shopper buying more items.

The survey also showed that there are high levels of customer satisfaction with delivery companies. 24% of UK shoppers were ‘Very Satisfied’ with the services provided and 59% ‘Quite Satisfied’. This shows that the delivery business is meeting the demands of the increasingly savvy online shopper.

Finally, the survey also showed the direction that shoppers seek the industry to go. Where shoppers don’t always like Click and Collect services, they are amenable to companies setting up boxes outside the customer’s home that are secured with a passcode. Only 11% liked social delivery companies such as Nimber.

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