IPC celebrates Green Postal Day

September 18th is the International Posts Corporation (IPC) Green Postal Day. The CEOs of 15 postal operators will today reiterate their organisations’ commitment to further reduce their environmental impact even while e-commerce grows in parcel volumes.

E-commerce worldwide has seen an unprecedented surge during the pandemic. According to the IPC some 52% of consumers have purchased from domestic online retailers and 49% agreeing they are to buy more from online retailers in future.

Holger Winklbauer, CEO, IPC states: “Over the years, with the increase of e-commerce and now with the COVID-19 crisis, the postal sector has once again demonstrated its flexibility and adaptability to economic and societal challenges. Ten years of working collectively towards our joint targets has demonstrated that the postal sector takes an important position in the fight against climate change and is exemplary for other industries. With a reduction of over 30% of their CO2 emissions in 2019, posts have overachieved their initial targets for 2020 by 50%. This is why posts have now decided to broaden their commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on which posts have the biggest impact.”

The IPC point out that electric vehicle use among postal operators has grown by 10% in the last three years to a share of 15% of postal operators’ fleets. The IPC’s Sustainability Measurement and Management System (SMMS) has also shown that postal operators have reduced their emissions by 31% compared to 2008, 31% of electricity used is from renewable sources and 47% of waste is separated for re-use or recycling.