IPC celebrates growth of cross-border Interconnect network

Some 60 million e-commerce parcels went through the International Post Corporation (IPC) Interconnect network in 2019, the greatest volume on record.

December was the busiest month for the Interconnect network, with 6.7 million items passing through the network that comprises of 30 postal operators.

The IPC believes that this is set to grow as confidence improves in the network.

There are plans to expand the Interconnect network with the IPC planning to invite new members to join it. It is also planning to expand the range of e-commerce services it offers to improve cross-border e-commerce and strengthen postal operator members’ market positions.

One of the new services planned is the Postal Delivery Duties Paid service where customers will pay taxes, duties and handling charges at the point of sale instead of deliveries being paused until the customer pays when the parcel is in-country.


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