IPC: customers want sustainable delivery

The International Post Corporation (IPC) Global Postal Industry Report 2019 shows increasing demand from customers for more sustainable deliveries, including recyclable packaging.

The IPC Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey is in its fifth edition and has been extended to reach more than 35,700 customers in 41 different countries across North & South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, confirming itself as the largest-ever global consumer survey, focusing on cross-border e-commerce.

The countries included in the scope of the survey are: IPC member countries, plus Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea and Turkey.

Holger Winklbauer, CEO of IPC said: “Over the five editions of the Cross-Border E-commerce Shopper Survey we have continuously increased the geographical scope and sample. As 25 countries have participated in all five editions of the research, we have been able to report on five-year trends in this year’s report. We also explored consumers’ views on sustainability when shopping online cross-border. This has highlighted the importance to consumers in providing recyclable packaging and sustainable delivery. This aligns very well with the efforts the postal sector has been making in the field of sustainability and supports the new direction of our sustainability programme through alignment to the wider UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Among the highlights of the IPC report, 66% of those surveyed wanted recyclable packaging, with a preference for cardboard as opposed to plastic. Another 45% of cross-border online shoppers want the delivery process carbon neutral, and 47% willing to wait longer for their parcels to reduce the environmental impact.


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