IPC – direct mail boosts e-commerce

The International Post Corporation (IPC) has published research that gives weight to the claim that direct mail can boost e-commerce sales. A new survey indicates thathalf of cross-border online customers have had mal from an e-tailer, and 44% of those who receive the direct mail make an online purchase due to their direct mailing.

The new information comes from the new IPC third edition Cross Border E-commerce Survey.

In a statement issued today, the IPC said: “In the survey, almost 29,000 respondents were asked whether they received direct mail (i.e. paper advertisements and catalogues) from e-retailers in the past year. On average 51% answered this question affirmatively.

“Direct mail was most used by e-retailers in India (71%), China (67%), Switzerland (65%), Finland (64%) and Germany (63%) and least used by e-retailers from Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark and Australia. The responses showed that direct mail is still a very effective method for creating business for e-retailers. Results also found that a significant amount of consumers (44%) made an online purchase following the direct mail from the e-retailer. Furthermore, 19% shared the advertising mail with someone and 14% engaged with the e-retailer via social media after receiving it.

“The survey also shows that consumers aged 55+ were most likely to go to the e-retailer’s website, while those aged 16-34 are most likely to engage via social media or share the advertising mail with others. Making an online purchase as a result of an advertising mail was the highest in China (68%), India (67%), the UK (51%) and Spain (50%).

“These results show that direct mail remains a very powerful advertising tool and certainly an effective complement within the marketing mix. These findings support both the letter mail and packets segments of posts, in line with the IPC 2025 strategy, and show how direct mail can generate new business.”