IPC domestic online shoppers survey published

The International Posts Corporation (IPC) has published the results of its Domestic E-commerce Shopper Survey Pilot.

Some 6,184 online shoppers in eight countries were asked about their online shopping habits in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, the UK and the US. It showed that 52% of shoppers bought more online during lockdown than before it happened.

Carriers involved were generally praised, with 78% of shoppers happy with their delivery speed.

Holger Winklbauer, IPC’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “In combination with the existing IPC Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey, this research provides significant insights into the domestic preferences and experience of online shoppers. With a focus on current trends and a shared methodology, postal operators are able to compare markets at different stages of e-commerce maturity and understand how to best adapt their offerings to consumers’ expectations.”

“The COVID-19 crisis led to a major increase in e-commerce and possibly to persistent change in e-commerce habits. The survey also shows that posts were able to deal with increased volumes and meet consumers’ expectations in terms of delivery speed”, added Winklbauer.