IPC – e-commerce boom consistent internationally

Online shopping has seen a solid rise in demand according to the results of a survey by the International Posts Corporation (IPC) across eight countries.

According to the IPC research, 52% of consumers have made more purchases in their domestic online stores, with 49% of those surveyed planning to continue.

Sustainability is a core interest of 19 of IPC’s member postal operators. The CO2 emissions of the 19 posts have dropped by 31% since 2008, well beyond the stated aim of 20% cuts by 2020.

In Finland, Posti got very close to its target of 30 percent emission reductions last year compared to the 2007 level. A new, very ambitious goal is to reach full zero in our own emissions by 2030.

“Based on the study now conducted, the growth of e-commerce will also continue globally and therefore it is very important that companies continue their global collaboration to reduce emissions from transportation,” says Noomi Jägerhorn, Posti’s Director of Responsibility. “I am very proud of the fact that we in Finland have decided to have the most ambitious goal, full zero.”