IPC e-commerce survey: China and corporate giants dominate

The 2019 International Postal Corporation (IPC) cross border e-commerce survey has shown that China and corporate giants continue to dominate the international e-commerce market.

The IPC survey asked 33,500 consumers in 41 countries about their e-commerce shopping habits.

China accounts for 38% of most recent cross-border purchases, with the US (15%), UK (10%) and Germany (9%) with some way to catch up with China.

According to the IPC “When looking at the 25 trend countries, China’s share has increased year-on-year. It rose by 7% in 2017 and by a slightly more moderate 3% in 2018. On the other hand, the other four largest countries have all slightly decreased in share over the past two years.” 

The big corporates seem to dominate the market. The IPC showed, “Amazon, Alibaba / AliExpress, eBay and Wish accounted for 64% of the most recent cross-border e-commerce items purchased. The main trend has been the rise of Wish over the past two years, while eBay’s share continued to decline in 2018.”

CEO of the IPC Holger Winklbauer said, “Our research showed once again that posts remain in an ideal position for delivering light-weight items through their network and also continue to be the delivery partner of choice of more than 70% of cross-border online shoppers. This edition is also marked by a significant expansion within South-East Asia, where consumers are younger, shop online more frequently and are more demanding when it comes to delivery.”


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