IPC INTERCONNECT sees record volumes

The International Post Corporation (IPC) INTERCONNECT network saw a record 4.4 million parcels pass through in January. INTERCONNECT is a cross border e-commerce solution in which 30 postal operators participate, accounting for 64% of e-commerce deliveries and a market of 544 million customers.

INTERCONNECT is an IT solution for tracking parcels. According to the IPC, it “through innovative postal solutions, streamlined processes, advance electronic data and high delivery reliability and quality, ensures that posts are meeting these expectations.”

The system relies on the ITMATT provision as well as gathering and using data to meet customer choice that includes delivery choice, tracking and notifications as the parcel passes from e-retailer to customer.

According to the IPC, “Building on the positive trend, the INTERCONNECT network will continue to increase volumes by enlarging the network to more posts worldwide and introducing new functionalities such as Postal Delivery Duties Paid.” In this version it would reduce costs for the operators as well as increasing speed and transparency for the customer.


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