IPC – Postal sector on right track

The International Postal Corporation (IPC) Global Postal Industry Report’s Key Findings were released today and highlight a positive outlook for the international postal industry for 2016.

“Despite ongoing mail volume decline, industry revenue and profitability remain strong as postal operators focus on growth and efficiency initiatives,” said IPC.

According to the IPC, revenues increased for the first half (H1) by 1.5%. At a business unit level in the same half, revenue returned growth on average for mail (by 0.5%) but slowed for parcels (2.8%) by comparison to the same period in 2015 which saw growth of 7.1%. For both divisions operating margins remained robust.

Holger Winklbauer, CEO of IPC, commented: “As e-commerce continues to be the most important growth driver in parcels and as tech-savvy consumers require transparent, fast, cheap and convenient deliveries, posts are facing a world of opportunity. Posts have diversified a lot and pursued growth in markets like parcel and express and financial services. Even if the share of mail in overall revenue is decreasing, it is still significant and remains a major focus of postal innovation and investment.”

Focusing on the parcels side of the business, Winklbauer continued: “The postal industry’s parcel volume more than doubled over the last decade, growing at a rate far above economic growth. Parcel volume growth in 2015 accelerated to 7.2% on average – more than double that of world GDP (3.1%). However, in line with the continuously increasing online sales, a large opportunity remains for postal operators.”

For the full report, click here.

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