IPC reveals poor cross-border delivery performance

The International Postal Corporation (IPC) has shown that 50% of international priority and first class letter mail was delivered within two days of posting in 2018.

The IPC UNEX index showed that 78.7% of that mail was delivered within three days and 94.4% within five days. The average over the 32 countries was 2.7 days.

According to the IPC, “The 2018 performance levels are below the European Union’s speed objective of 85% of intra-EU mail delivery (i.e. delivery within three days of posting), and its reliability objective of 97% (i.e. delivery within five days of posting).“

The measurements were taken with a total of 62,000 letters sent from and to different countries within the measurement area. 900 volunteers participated in the experiments, where in total 774 country-to-country flows were measured. More than 40% of the test letters contained Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags that are recorded by RFID readers as they passed through postal centres and depots.

The IPC stated, “The IPC’s UNEX™ mail monitoring system measures quality of service performance for end-to-end cross-border priority letter mail. The measured transit times cover the whole process from posting in the origin country to delivery to the final addressee in the destination country, including the time for collection, sorting and transportation.”


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