IPC transmits ICS32 data for 26 postal operators

The International Post Corporation (IPC) has been certified by the EU as the official sender of ICS32 customs data on behalf of the 26 postal operators participating in the IPC’s Centralised Operational Message Exchange and Translation System (COMETS).

Under the ICS32 regulations, all consignments of parcels and cargo entering the EU must have data sent to customs in advance. This presents an operational challenge for postal operators and the IPC has been working with its members to address the issue. The COMETS system sends postal data to the EU system from one source, reducing the burden and costs for the postal operators involved.

Holger Winklbauer, CEO, IPC, said, “The entry into force of the new ICS2 obligation represents a major challenge for EU posts importing goods into the EU. The launch of IPC COMETS is the result of a successful cooperation with our members. It shows how IPC can supports its members to deal with these kinds of requests in a streamlined and cost-effective way. In addition, COMETS has the potential to be used to assist posts with similar international pre-registration obligations in the field of customs or security.”