Ireland next day delivery with CAE Delivers

UK company CAE Delivers have announced an enhanced next day delivery service for UK retailers selling to Eire online shoppers.

According to CAE Delivers the new service “will not only be quicker than its rivals but will markedly reduce the potential for failed first-time deliveries”.

CAE Delivers Managing Director Jamie Knapper said they “saved valuable time by sorting consignments according to individual Irish delivery routes on arrival at CAE Deliver’s Manchester distribution centre instead of when they reached its Dublin depot”.

Knapper added that CAE Delivers’ systems also automatically assigned parcels their own Eircode at the same time.

“We’ve invested a lot of time and effort in getting this new service right because the twin elements of speed and accuracy are critical to many businesses, particularly those involved in e-commerce,” said Knapper.

“Ireland is a fast-growing marketing for online shopping and many of our clients know that if they want to grow sales, they need to be better than their competitors.

“By pre-sorting in Manchester and capitalising on the latest possible ferry times to Ireland, goods arrive in Dublin first thing the following morning, guaranteed for delivery that day.

“Becoming one of the very first British businesses to make Eircode a central part of our Irish service is another key component, overcoming the need which many couriers have to rely on mobile ‘phone numbers to raise their chances of making a first-time delivery.

“Even if consumers in the Republic don’t know their own Eircode, we can generate that information for them. Furthermore, we know that we are able to dramatically develop parcel volumes without falling short of the very high standards which we have set ourselves.”

The launch of CAE Delivers’ new Irish next-day service followed a successful three-month trial involving a handful of major UK retailers.