Isle of Man Post Office launches Smart Delivery

The Isle of Man Post Office is launching its new Smart Delivery service this week.

Those using the Smart Delivery service can now opt to receive their communications from product and service providers in a number of ways – physically by post, by email or by digital mail box.

Isle of Man Post Office customers using the service can choose one or more of those methods in which to receive their items, and can switch between them at any point.

The Smart Delivery offering is an extension of the Isle of Man Post Office’s traditional postal services and its 360° Mailing solution.

According to the Isle of Man Post Office: “Businesses can now benefit from access to a simple email or recipients reading their correspondences from a digital mail box as opposed to receiving it physically. This will significantly reduce their print and postage costs.

“The process begins with the secure handling of customer data under the Post Office’s ISO 27001 accreditation, with physical items printed using the high spec printers to ensure a professional finish and pdfs being created for any digital items.

“Items are then dispatched into either the Global mail stream, the digital mail system or email according to customer preferences.

“A digital mail box can be created for every recipient, which they are able to claim once the details have been sent by their service or product provider. Each time a new item is digitally received the customer will receive an email.

“The new system could prove extremely useful to companies who are introducing changes to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As it will help companies obtain consent from their customers, to hold their personal data in a secure environment with functionality included for retention rules and other marketing preferences.”
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