ITinSell launches delivery company rating system in UK

As customers we are used to reviewing restaurants or online shops. One thing that hasn’t been done in the UK is online e-commerce companies rating their deliveries to their customers – a delivery company feedback system. French e-commerce logistics specialist ITinSell is about to launch just a system called QSbenchmark in the UK after a lot of success in France.

When a company such as Yodel proudly says it has an 83% customer satisfaction rating (as reported by Apex Insight today) one can immediately see that this poorly compares to many eBay or Amazon marketplace sellers who rely on much higher satisfaction ratings in order to trade successfully on those forums. If 17% of customers found fault with an Amazon marketplace seller, Amazon would start asking questions!

Philippe Bailly, international and partnerships director at ITinSell said that a new rating system for delivery companies would fill a major gap in the market: “We are used to rating sellers on EBay and Amazon, providing scores for our restaurants and measuring customer satisfaction on e-commerce sites, but this is the first benchmarking tool to be developed that really measures delivery service levels … For a customer, the moment when they finally hold their purchase in their hands is the most important part of the shopping process. Yet in the retail industry we have been lacking the data to be sure that we’re always making sure that happens as best it can.”

The QSbenchmark was first developed in 2013 in cooperation with logistics company Colis Prive and has since been adopted by a number of other French carriers and e-commerce brands. Companies that contribute to the scheme can get live feedback as to how they they are doing, both within their delivery business and against competitors in their region and ultimately across the whole of Europe.

Whether this will improve satisfaction ratings to above the 95% mark (leaving 1.1 million parcel deliveries rated as lower than satisfactory in Yodel’s case of 22 million parcels) may take some trying, but schemes like this could make end customer satisfaction considerably higher than it is today!