James and James shows e-commerce sales rocket

Northampton based James and James Fulfilment has released data showing that e-commerce sales have grown by nearly 25% since the end of February as lockdown sent people online shopping.

Independent online retailers have seen a growth of 23% on average according to James and James, with health supplements and cupboard staples seeing triple-digit growth between the final week of February and the third week of March.

Fashion and beauty products have seen major falls while fitness products and electronics have seen significant growth.

James Hyde, chief executive and co-founder of James and James said: “It’s clearly an uncertain time for people, who are adjusting to new ways of living at home, and retailers, who are struggling with peaks and troughs in demand.

“With retail being such an important part of the economy, it’s vital that we pull together to support both our current clients and any other retailers that are looking to e-commerce to survive.

“With lockdown now in force, companies like ours will play an ever-critical role over the coming months, in getting essential products to the people who need them – after all, for every 1,000 orders delivered to homes, we remove the need for 1,000 visits to shops.”