Japan Post working on drone mail delivery

In part due to issues with recruitment of new staff, Japan Post has announced plans to have a mail drone delivery operation by 2023.

The postal operator is working with Tokyo based Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL) to develop a drone delivery service to remote island and mountain communities around the Japanese archipelago.

Japan’s ageing population poses a recruitment problem for Japan Post, which has issues in taking on new postmen and postwomen as a result.

ACSL is a commercial drone maker that aims to put commercial drone deliveries into operation. Currently the company and Japan Post are working on the air traffic control that would allow them to fly their drones uninterrupted in Japanese airspace.

Japan Post President Kazuhide Kinugawa stated, “We are at the forefront of logistics innovation, combining Japan Post’s delivery prowess with the technology and know-how of the largest domestic industrial drone manufacturer.”