JD.com and Tencent launch JD-Tencent Retail Marketing Solution

To help better target consumer faced marketing for its marketplace sellers, JD.com has teamed up with Tencent to launch the JD-Tencent Retail Marketing Solution.

According to a statement from JD.com, the initiative “integrates insights on consumer behavior from Tencent’s social platforms with online and offline shopping data from JD and its brand partners”.

Tencent and JD.com will develop a secure database of shopping data that gives brands the ability to better understand user preferences and thereby more accurately target potential consumers.

JD.com claimed that consumers will benefit as the marketing solution will give them “access to sales promotions, coupons and preferred discounts, regardless of whether they choose to shop online or in-store”.

“Supplementing JD and Tencent’s big data with offline store information helps us paint a complete user profile, closing the loop across a fragmented Chinese retail landscape,” said JD.com Chief Marketing Officer Lei Xu.

“In more than three years since we began leveraging our Tencent partnership, about a quarter of first time users have come from WeChat and Mobile QQ, demonstrating the power of the cooperation. With this significant advance, we are now able to enable brands to further leverage the enormous reach of the JD-Tencent partnership to build customer loyalty.”

Micro-targeting marketing campaigns have only really emerged in the last few years. Some say that Donald Trump’s election campaign succeeded due to social media marketing of this kind. While some question the ethics, this form of marketing has proven benefits in selling exactly what people want to the right people.
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