JD.com supports the coronavirus crisis

Chinese online giant JD.com is making efforts to support the communities hit by the coronavirus through temporary hires to meet demand for online shopping.

The online giant is using drones to deliver supplies to coronavirus-hit hospitals in Hubei, China. It is also committing to road deliveries and has only recently delivered 100 air purifiers to hospitals in the province.

JD.com and its subsidiary Dada Group have jointly offered 35,000 staff to support the crisis’s management. This is designed in part to keep employees in work as the region’s economy all but shuts down completely.

Twenty thousand of those positions are to be from JD logistics, and will be frontline jobs such as warehouse operatives, couriers and drivers. Dada Now is a local on-demand delivery platform, and is seeking to recruit 10,000 staff in more than 2,400 cities and counties in China. JD Daolia, an on-demand retail platform run by Dada Group is to recruit a further 5,000 staff in picking and packing across more than 30 cities to meet the increasing demand for online shopping.

In addition JD-owned 7FRESH is taking on temporarily unemployed staff from restaurants, hotels and other retail establishments that have been closed due to the epidemic as shop clerks, packaging staff and other roles.

Chunhua Cao, Head of Human Resources at 7FRESH, said:“7FRESH is operating every day to ensure customers can get enough fresh food. It is JD’s responsibility to work with partners and help them and their employees get through this special time.”

These efforts are revenue generating but are as much to keep people in work who may not otherwise be and thereby support the wider Chinese economy and society.