JD Logistics to use EPAL pallets

Chinese logistics giant JD Logistics has announced it will be the world’s first e-commerce platform to use the European Pallet Association’s (EPAL) industry-leading shipping pallets.

In partnership with EPAL, JD Logistics is to distribute the pallets throughout China using JD Cloud Box, the company’s logistics transaction platform.

EPAL products are to be the standard logistics carriers throughout JD Logistics supply chain. They are to also be integrated into cross-border logistics operations. Under the deal, JD Cloud Box is also responsible for repair and leading services for the pallets, and finally provide an online platform for real-time information and transactions regarding EPAL pallets in China.

Jie Ji, head of JD Cloud Box at JD Logistics, said, “Reliable access to high-quality pallets on an as-needed basis is crucial to ensuring a highly efficient supply chain ecosystem. We are making it much more convenient for companies across China to utilize EPAL’s pallets in their operations, and raising the standard for China’s logistics industry at large.”


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